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Scars that Pierce the Soul

We talk about all topics that involve plastic surgery, here. Fun things, like looking hot, getting a rounder butt, freshening your skin for a youthful glow, and other 'optional procedures'. But, there is a necessary side to plastic surgery, as well. And for those who are not looking for a button nose, or a sulky pout - plastic surgery isn't fun, or is 'life-saving'. For those who have been disfigured by a skin disease, and the emotionally crippling scars that go with it - plastic surgery could actually give them a 'life worth living'...and bring them out of the shame, and hiding, that they did not bring on, themselves. Where is their 'hope'? Continue reading

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Scar Removal cuts down on grief and guilt associated with ‘Cutting’

Deliberate self-harm, or 'cutting' is a psychological condition where a person, when upset or stressed out - cuts their own skin with sharp objects, resulting in extensive skin scarring. Trips to the emergency room address the acute wound and current psychological state of the patient, but the damage and scarring causes a new wave of guilt and shame that can cause the cutter to repeat the cycle. The resulting scars are permanent, recognizable and socially unacceptable - and, generally, in highly-visible areas. There is help available for cutters. In conjunction with counseling; new procedures have been designed to offer a treatment to reduce the scars or change them so that their origin is obscured to that of an unknown entity. Read more, and if you know someone who 'cuts', please let them know there is 'a way out'. They do not need to suffer alone. Continue reading

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An Ounce of Prevention…

Once scars have formed, they are more-or-less a permanent fixture - unless we undergo treatment to diminish them. But, breaking news today indicates that scientists and physicians are working on surgical techniques and equipment that can severely reduce the possibility of scarring during surgery. The Regional Medical Center of San Jose performed a gall bladder removal with one little incision through the belly button. WOW! Scarring occurs - but, any way it can be minimized, means less to fix later. With scars...An Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Continue reading

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